Cantacuzino Caslte

The Cantacuzino Castle from Busteni was built in the year 1911 in the park whose owner was Prince Gheorghe Grigore Contacuzino, also called “the nabab” because of its impressive fortune.
It is said that he could have had the entire courtyard of the castle paved with gold.
The castle is surrounded by waterfalls, grottoes and fountains and is one of the most beautiful castles in Romania.
The castle had been the headquarters of Ministry of Internal Affairs Sanitarium, than in 2008 was bought by some investors and became a touristic site.
It is located in Zamora area. The Cantacuzino castle from Busteni is one of the most spectacular historic monuments in Romania becoming a touristic attraction in 2010. It has 4 wings. The central pavilion has a surface of 3.148 square meters and it has concrete foundation, carved stone walls and tiled roof.
The central pavilion hosts a heraldic exhibition, showing the coats-of-arms of the families related to the Cantacuzino families, along with portrait of the members of the family.
The castle has stained glass windows, painted ceilings, wooden, stone and iron rails, fireplaces in white stone and mosaics.
It is a popular site for tourists who are also lured to the restaurant Canta Cuisine, recently opened in the cellar of the castle, having the possibility to host 90 people. During the summer visitors can admire the steep slopes of the Bucegi Mountains from the terrace of the castle which can host up to 120 people.
The Cantacuzino castle and the restaurant can be booked for private and corporate events.
In the courtyard of the castle there is also a church which was built at the same time with the castle.
There are but a few reasons for which tourists should visit this beautiful spot. The visitors are offered the services of a Romanian guide.