Ski Slopes - Busteni

Ski Slopes Busteni
Kalinderu ski slope is situated in Busteni, being the property of Busteni city hall and one of the best ski slopes in Romania. The name of the slope comes from Ioan Kalinderu (1840-1913), who was the administrator of the Royal Crown assets during the reign of King Carol I. the Kalinderu slope was approved by the International Ski Federation, thus being able to host contests for professional skiers. It has the use of two snow canons and special equipment. It is planned for a huge slider to be put up in order to attract tourists also during the summer. The length of the slope is 1700 m, width 60 m, higher altitude 1400m, lower altitude 1030m, average difficulty, it has artificial snow at -5 degrees Celsius and ski lift.
Altitude 998-altitude 1400 one way=16 lei (for children-12 lei)
Altitude 998-altitude 1400 round trip=30 lei (for children-23 lei)
Schedule: every day, 9AM-5PM, except for Tuesdays when the schedule is 12-5 PM.
Phone: +40726134416