Ski Slopes - Azuga

Ski slopes Azuga
Azuga town is situated in the upper part of Prahova valley in Prahova County. It is located at an altitude of 1110 m in the Bucegi Mountains, at a distance of 38 km from Poiana Brasov resort and 147 km from Bucharest.
It has alpine climate, there are neither sources of pollution, nor dust and allergens. The average temperature is 7 degrees Celsius.
There are many ski lovers here every year. There are two slopes: Sorica and Cazacu. On the first you can ski during the night due to a night lighting system, also there is an artificial snow facility.
There is a ski lift and a cable car which can function till late, provided there are tourists on the slope.

Ski slopes in Azuga
1.Sorica: altitude departure/arrival 1539/978 m; width: 50 m; angle 29%; length 2100m, medium difficulty, approved FIS and ANT; night lighting 700 m, artificial snow facility.
2.Cazacu-Varianta: altitude departure/arrival 1114/998 m; angle 33,8 %, length 400m, medium difficulty, approved ANT; artificial snow facility.
3.Cazacu: altitude departure/arrival 1540/1010 m; medium angle 33,8%; width: 40m; maximum angle:41%; length 1920m, medium difficulty, slope: 530m.
4. Cazacu-Bretea: length: 715,54, altitude departure/ arrival 1141,21/978m; slope: 163,21 m; average angle: 22,8%; average width 19,06 m.
5.Azuga Sud: length: 770 m; easy; altitude departure/ arrival 1487m/1333m; approved ANT.
6.La Stana: length 910 m, easy, altitude departure/arrival 1487m/1333m. approved ANT.
Cross country ski slope located next to Cazacu ski slope.