Ski Slopes - Predeal

Ski slopes Predeal
It is one of the most appreciated resorts in Romania and it offers a dreamy landscape. It is situated on the upper side of Prahova valley, being surrounded by the Bucegi, Postavaru and Piatra Mare mountains.
It has sub alpine climate and the average temperature in the month of January is -5degrees Celsius and the average width of the snow layer being 50 cm. There is snow from December to March. Routes: You can get there by train on Bucuresti- Oradea route, or by car on DN1 interstate, the distance is 25 km from Brasov or 147 km from Bucharest.
In Predeal there are 8 ski slopes, each having a different degree of difficulty.
For tourists that are not able to ski, there are a lot of authorized ski monitors available.
They have a lot of experience, many of them being professionals and winning awards through the years.
You can also have the possibility to rent ski gear in the vicinity of the slopes.
In Predeal there is a ski lift which leaves from Clabucet Cabin and it goes up to the top of Clabucetul Taurului, from where you can go down the Clabucet, Clabucet Varianta, Cocosul and Subteleferic slopes.
At the base of Clabucet slope there is a ski lift which goes up till the end of the slope, but also a baby ski lift which takes the skiers only on the easier part of it.

1.Clabucet slope: medium difficulty; length: 2100 m; slope:390 m; angle:20, cable car: yes.
2.Cocosul slope: medium difficulty; length:2250 m; slope:394 m; angle:18.
3.Subteleferic slope: difficult; length: 1200 m; slope:350 m; angle:31, cable car: yes.
4.Clabucet Sosire slope: easy; length:800 m; slope:160 m; angle:20, cable car: yes; artificial snow facility; night lighting.
5.Clabucet varianta slope: easy; length:790 m; slope:160 m; angle:20, cable car: yes; artificial snow facility; night lighting.
6.Clabucet Scoala slope: very easy; length:200 m; slope:30 m; angle:15, cable car: yes; artificial snow facility; night lighting.
7.Paraul rece slope: medium difficulty; length:520 m; slope:160 m; angle:21, cable car: yes.