Cable Car - Busteni

Cable car

-Summer timetable (15.06-15.09): 7.30-5.45 PM (or until 8 PM when there are many tourists at Babele)
-Winter timetable (16.09-14.09): 8.30-5.45 PM (with the exception of the sunny weekends in September or October when the timetable can be prolonged 2-3 h, depending on the number of tourists at Babele).

Maintenance: daily, every half an hour before the first departure and Tuesday (the whole day).
Mandatory departures: 8.30; 9.00; 10.00; 11.00; 12.00; 1.00 PM; 2.00 PM; 3.00 PM.

Up Busteni-Babele=34 lei (children over 5 =18 lei)
Down Busteni-Babele=34 lei (children over 5=18 lei)
Up and down Busteni-Babele= 68 lei (children over 5=36 lei)
Up Pestera-Babele=18 lei (children =11 lei)
Down Pestera-Babele=34 lei (children over 5=18 lei)
Up and Down Pestera-Babele=31 lei (children =18 lei)

Ski lift
– Rate: 15 lei.
– Rent a bike:
-15.06-15.09 (including the weekend and national holidays): 68 lei (for 2 adult cards)
-16.09-14.06 (not including the weekend and national holidays):34 lei (for 2 adult cards)
Contact Busteni cable car: 0244-311674; 0244-314537. Children under 5 are admitted free of charge. The cable car does not function during heavy winds.