The Memorial House George Enescu

The Memorial house George Enescu- There is not a chance connection between the great composer of the two “Rapsodii Romane”, who promoted the Romanian music all over the world and the town of Sinaia.
He had been supported by Queen Elisabeth, a great art lover, who offered him a chamber in a quiet corner of the Peles castle where he could study without being disturbed. He was thus promoted by the royal family in the beautiful surrounding of the Peles castle.
Consequently, he had been involved in many music tournaments overseas, and out of love to Sinaia, he decided to build a villa here – the years 1923-1926.
He named it Luminis Villa. For the next 20 years, until 1946, when he left the country for good, he used to spend the periods of relaxation between concerts here.
This beautiful spot gave him the tranquility and peacefulness needed for composing his wonderful pieces of music.
In 1947, while in Paris, he donated the Luminis Villa to the Romanian state, for the use of other famous artists.
Starting with 1995 the villa became Casa Memoriala George Enescu, being administrated by the European Cultural Center from Sinaia.

Yehudi Menuhin street, no. 2, cartier Cumpătu

Visiting hours: 9:00 – 16:00.

Tel/fax : 0040-244-311-753

By car: 11 min (7,3 km);

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